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Are you a creative person? Get trained for a new career where you can express your personal creativity and services in a growing job market.
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Dog Handler II
The Intermediate Trainer course expands on the Basic Trainer course and is designed to give more detailed trainer skills and understanding of health and welfare of canine. The course is 80 percent hands on or practical application and 20 percent lecture. The practical application or hands on portion of the course is focused about the students applying more advanced operant and classical principals with an assigned canine as well as instructing other students on these basic principals.  . Full description of Dog Handler II

Massage Therapy
Train to be a licensed massage therapist in the new fast track Massage Therapy Certification Training Program offered by Community College Workforce Alliance – in partnership with ProTrain, LLC. As a massage therapist, you can pursue jobs in healthcare, wellness, national chains, and spa settings – or start your own private practice! In this program, you’ll explore assisting clients with wellness, stress management, injury rehabilitation, health and fitness. If you want to work in a thriving healthcare field, help people and assist others in life change, this program is your opportunity.. Full description of Massage Therapy

National Retail Certification
The National Retail Federation provides a national certificate to support talented students interested in making retailing their career by offering a national certificate program, networking opportunities, and access to the latest retail research and news.. Full description of National Retail Certification

National ServSafe Certification and Culinary Academy Cook Training
The Serve Safe course will prepare each student for a proctored test session preparing them for the ServSafe Food Safety Certification Examination, either by completing the online ServSafe curriculum, or through other approved means.. Full description of National ServSafe Certification and Culinary Academy Cook Training


ACE Personal Trainer
This course is designed to educate students on the exercise science and exercise training components needed to sit for the American Council of Exercise Personal Training Certification. Course material will capture a wealth of information in the areas of anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, psychology, and personal trainer specific responsibilities that will prepare the student to be an effective asset to the field. The ACE Certification is industry-driven and a credential that meets the standards of other leaders in the healthcare industry. . Full description of ACE Personal Trainer

Service Dog Handler
The course is delivered in two sections. Section one teaches procedures for canine feeding, grooming, daily health checks, common zoonotic diseases and life cycle of parasitic invasion, treatment and prevention and the daily cleaning and sanitation of the kennel runs and facility. Students are instructed on characteristics of common canine injuries and first aid treatments, kennel safety and canine transportation methods and requirements. Section two is the foundation of animal training and focuses primarily on Principles of Operant and Classical Conditioning. This section teaches the student the main principles and key concepts of operant and classical conditioning, pairing of unconditioned and conditioned stimuli, positive and negative reinforcements, behavior modification and shaping, reward schedules, extinction, discrimination and generalization. Students will apply and demonstrate these principles and concepts in the training and certification of their canine companions.. Full description of Service Dog Handler


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